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Started by BloodBath-AUS, November 09, 2016, 09:01:36 AM

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  • Age: 17 and 8 months.

  • Your in-game nick: Precision_1999

  • Why you want to join *AUS* Battlefield team: I am looking for players who have a clue what they are doing and have a mic to use speech and tactics, this is key in a game like battlefield, 1 soldier can't make a difference but 5 Well trained people using tactics sure can. Looking for casual and competitive play.

  • How did you find us:  Google.

  • Past clan/team involvement: None, just squading with mates and such.

  • Contact details: Hamish.Trevarthen@hotmail.com

And wow these Verifications are hard for posting.


Thanks for your application. Spooky or Aussie will assess your application and give you a response soon.



Application approved for trial.

Your trial will run between 6-8 weeks.

Please adjust your origin profile name to reflect your new clan tags. -AUS

An officer will upgrade your forum permissions and I or Aussie will update your discord perms
PM sent with Discord invite

Welcome and good luck



Permissions updated. Welcome :)